Audio & video


When you WANT professional, friendly, cost-efficient, high quality service.

Servicing the Georgetown, Round Rock, Austin communities & surrounding areas.  Based out of Vizcaya, Round Rock, TX.

4824 Fiore Trail

Round Rock

  • Computer repair
  • Computer virus removal
  • Data recovery from old computers and transfer to new ones
  • Computer network design & installation for homes & small businesses
  • Computer and network security evaluation & reconfiguration
  • Erase old hard drives to DoD standards to prevent identity theft when you toss out or give away the old computer.
  • I only work on Windows computers.  No Mac PCs, please.
  • Home audio/video systems cabled & rewired
  • Digitize reel-to-reel & cassette tapes to CD
  • Digitize albums & records to CD (45, 33 1/3, 78 rpm)
  • Digitize VHS, Beta, VHS-C, video8 & Hi8 video tapes to DVD
  • Digitize 8mm & Super8 home movie film to DVD
  • For DVDs: menus, titles, transitions, chapter headings, background music, sound effects, scene selection
  • For CDs:  noise reduction, removal of pops & clicks, separate tracks for each song
  • For CDs/DVDs: full color custom labels and cases

Ralph Jones