4824 Fiore Trail

Round Rock

Ralph Jones


When you WANT professional, friendly, cost-efficient, high quality service.

Servicing the Georgetown, Round Rock, Austin communities & surrounding areas.  Based out of Vizcaya, Round Rock, TX.

A/V Work

  • Digitize 8mm and Super8 movie film (no sound)           $0.25/sec
  • Digitize commercial video tapes (for backup only)         $35/ea
  • Digitize personal video tapes                                         $30/ea
  • Burn video to DVD, with printed label and case             $10/ea
  • Add chapter selection menu to DVD design                  $10/ea
  • Digitize audio tapes or albums/records                          $15/ea
  • Remove noise from audio recordings                             $5/ea
  • Burn audio/video to disc, with printed label & case        $10/ea
  • Scan photos or slides at high resolution                         $0.20/ea
  • Color adjust / modify scanned images                            $0.30/ea
  • Extra copy of CD/DVD that I've created for you              $8.00/ea
  • Anything that you need that you don't see listed, just call and we can talk about it.

Computer Work

  • Work in your home (on site)                $75/hr
    • Work in my office/shop (off site)          $60/hr
      •      Virus detection, removal and cleanup.
        •      Computer optimization for increased performance.
          •      Windows system file boot time defragmentation (Really
                      speeds up computer response time.  Much better than
                      the Windows defragmentation program.)
            •      Computer security improvements to help prevent the
                        accidental installation of viruses and other unwanted software.
              •      ​​​Computer repair and upgrades.
                •      Evaluate and improve network security (this can only be
                            done on site at your location).
                  •      Network design and installation.
                    •      Computer cabling cleanup.  All cables labeled at each end,
                                then routed and secured in a neat orderly fashion to get
                      ​          them up and out of the way of your feet.
                      • Data transfer / recovery.                                      $2/GB
                        • Hard Drive erasure to DoD standards.                 $15